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Participation of the club in the XXXI Isokinetic Conference in Football Medicine: Bridging Science and Practice

The Isokinetic Conference 2024 brought together more than 2,000 participants from around the world over three days at the Civitas Metropolitano stadium, with representation from 80 countries and the participation of over 250 medical professionals. This event was organized by the Isokinetic Medical Group in collaboration with FIFA.

Sevilla FC was represented by two specialists from the Club’s Youth Academy Medical Services, selected among the top 14 cases of the conference.

Dr. Fátima Breña presented a case titled “Use of surface EMG in muscle injury: a case report in a female football player” along with Javier González, Rafael Castaño, Julia Gutiérrez, Matías Morán, Carmen Márquez, Andrés Márquez, and Esther Melero. The case presented by Dr. Breña at the XXXI Isokinetic Conference focused on the application of surface electromyography in muscle injury recovery, used as a tool to evaluate the dynamic part of the muscle (activation, symmetry, and coactivation). This method complements imaging tests and provides valuable real-time information for different professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation specialists), useful for the “return to play” process.

In the context of sports injuries, Javier Antonio González Alcántara, a physical and sports rehabilitation specialist from the Club’s Youth Academy, presented a thorough and innovative review of the early stages of an anterior cruciate ligament injury in a reserve team player. This presentation took place on Saturday, May 25, as part of the “Best Case Report Contest.”

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The seminar series on physical and sports performance at UPO has concluded

During April and May, three seminars on physical and sports performance were held at the facilities of the Pablo de Olavide University, led by the Head of Physical and Sports Performance R&D at Sevilla FC and PhD candidate Carmen Serrano Cañadillas.

In the seminars, the main results of the latest articles published in high-impact journals (indexed in the Journal Citation Report – JCR) in the field of “Sport Science” were presented and discussed, primarily with the aim of analyzing or improving physical and sports performance.

During the first seminar, held on April 11th, the results of articles published in March were presented. Out of all the reviewed publications, 22 articles were selected. One of the initial topics addressed in this first seminar was the role of the “Sport Scientist.” Questions were raised about what a sport scientist is, what training and experience they should have, what tasks they should perform, and in which areas they should operate within the sports institution. Additionally, the seminar explored the degree of relationship a sport scientist should have with other professionals involved in the sports phenomenon, including coaches and athletes.


During the second seminar, held on April 25th, three fundamental topics were addressed: evaluation of physical and sports performance, the effect of endurance and repeated sprint training, and the effect of strength training. In the first block, three articles were used to first reflect on the necessity of evaluating athletes’ performance and then to examine the methods and means used in the evaluation processes, as well as the variables considered important for obtaining sufficient information on potential performance changes.

The third seminar was held on May 15th and covered different thematic blocks. During April, a significant number of studies were published related to quantifying the training and match load in football players. Another important topic to consider when scheduling the training load during a week is deciding when to introduce the rest session (MD+1 or MD+2) or how to manage the weekly training load between players who participate more in the match (starters) and those who participate less or not at all (non-starters).

To receive information about upcoming editions and other related events, subscribe to the Innovation Center’s Newsletter through the contact form.

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Sevilla FC’s presence in Boston at IBM Think 2024

This week, club representatives travelled to Boston for IBM’s biggest convention of the year, the IBM Think 2024. The event showcases industry leaders that have enjoyed success with technological information and the use of data in sporting management.

Elías Zamora, the club’s Chief Data Officer, was invited as a guest speaker to discuss the launch of Scout Advisor. The tool uses IBM’s generative AI platform, watsonx, to sort through scouting databases quickly and efficiently, turning data into comprehensible language.

Zamora said, “Talent cannot be identifed purely through data and statistics, it is important that human opinions are involved too. At Sevilla FC we have one of the biggest scouting networks in the world and we use the technology to combine data with our scouts’ judgements. We are using technology to supplement human knowledge so that we get the most out of our scouting network.”

In addition, the visit to the USA was used to further enhance the club’s relationship with IBM. Zamora had a meeting with the company’s Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Darío Gil, to discuss the possibility of future collaboration.

We also had the opportunity to learn about the technological projects of other sports entities in attendance, such as Major League Baseball teams the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox, as well as the NBA’s Boston Celtics and Mexican football club Chivas de Guadalajara.

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Students from Tabladilla School visited the Training Facilities as part of the ‘Work Experience’ initiative.

As part of the ‘Work Experience’ initiative and in collaboration with the Sevilla FC Innovation Center, a group of high school students from Colegio Tabladilla visited the Ciudad Deportiva José Ramón Cisneros Palacios. The aim was to integrate these students into the daily activities of a company or institution, in this case, Sevilla FC, just before they choose their university specializations. In this way, the students were able to experience firsthand a day in the life of professionals in various areas of the club.

On one hand, students focused on communication and marketing attended the Open Media Day organized that day by the Club’s Communication Department, together with La Liga, during which many of the first-team players engaged with the media in preparation for the upcoming El Gran Derbi that same week. Subsequently, they received guidance on potential career paths within the organization from José María Cruz Gallardo, the head of R&D at the club. They also interacted with colleagues from the Communication and Brand departments, visited their facilities, and toured the recording sets.

Likewise, students interested in the healthcare field spent the morning with Rafael Castaño and Julia Gutiérrez, members of Sevilla FC’s Youth Academy Medical Services. They experienced a typical workday of these professionals and their tasks with the future players of Sevilla FC. In this way, Tabladilla School students had a first-hand introduction to the professional world they will soon enter, helping them to orient their future in an immersive manner.

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The Sevilla FC and CESUR join forces to train the coaches of the future

Sevilla FC has entered into a collaboration agreement with CESUR, a leading official Vocational Training center in Spain. Moving forward, they will be offering training courses through the Innovation Center. The Innovation Center recently obtained the license to provide specialized sports education, officially authorized by the Andalusian government as an Accredited Sports Teaching Center.

The signing of this agreement took place at the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios Sports City, where all these training sessions will be held. José Castro, the vice president of Sevilla FC, welcomed Manuel Martín, the president of Grupo Coremsa, the holding company that encompasses CESUR, to formalize this partnership.

CESUR is one of Spain’s major educational groups, currently comprising over 30 centers nationwide and offering more than 100 different vocational training qualifications. CESUR’s value proposition lies in facilitating the specialization of workers, enhancing knowledge for better personal and professional preparation.

In this new project, Sevilla FC and CESUR will offer official vocational training studies at the Intermediate and Higher levels leading to the qualification of sports technician in Football, enabling individuals to work as football coaches in Spain. Additionally, these qualifications will pave the way for access to certain university degree programs.

The registration period is now open for the first edition starting next October at the facilities of the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios Sports City. All information about these training programs is already available on the Sevilla FC Innovation Center and CESUR websites.

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Diploma of Expertise in Tactical Analysis and Research in Invasion Sports

The title of Tactical Analysis and Research in Invasion Sports has now reached its third edition at Pablo de Olavide University, one of the strategic training partners of the Sevilla FC Innovation Center, which participates as a collaborating entity and educator. This course, starting on May 29 and ending on June 21, is presented as innovative training that delves into a key figure for the success of team sports, that of the analyst. The student will be able to acquire analytical skills and the ability to create and interpret useful scientific data, as well as a strategy for understanding the functional logic of invasion sports in order to improve performance.

This course is part of the Sevilla FC Chair: university, company, and sport, which the club maintains at UPO. Through this training, the student will also learn to design research within observational methodology by applying the statistical techniques of this approach. For further information and to proceed with pre-registration, click on this link.

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Sevilla FC showcased its youth academy in the Czech Republic

Sevilla FC continues to participate in various international congresses, both in the technical field and in the football industry. Last week, José Collado, Head of International Projects, traveled to Ostrava, Czech Republic, to present the training methodology of the Sevilla FC youth academy. He did so as part of the Annual Coaches Conference organized by the Czech Football Federation, with FC Banik Ostrava serving as the host club.

Collado delivered one of the most anticipated presentations titled ‘Sevilla FC Youth Academy Football Laboratory.’ This visit reciprocated the one made in 2023 by a large delegation of youth academy coaches from the Czech federation to the Sports City, as part of the ‘Coaches Academy’ program offered by the Sevilla FC Innovation Center.

The invitation, extended by Martin VLK, Head of Training at the Czech federation, aimed to deepen the synergy of work between Sevilla FC and the Czech organization, thus enhancing the training and development of Czech coaches, which was the ultimate goal of their participation in the ‘Coaches Academy’ program.

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Students from the Master’s program in Physical Preparation and Sports Rehabilitation visit the Training Academy

Students from the Master’s program in Physical Preparation and Sports Rehabilitation in Football, offered by the University of Murcia, visited the facilities of the Nervión club last week. They did so to continue their education through special sessions held at the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios Sports City by professionals from the first team and the youth academy.

Specifically, it was Dr. Matías Alonso and readaptation specialist Antonio Muñoz who explained the details of their work to the students. They also received instructions from the medical staff and physical preparation and rehabilitation area of both the male and female youth teams of Sevilla FC.

UCAM is one of the academic partners of the Sevilla FC Innovation Center. Both entities recognize the importance of developing talent through high-quality educational offerings inspired by a philosophy of continuous improvement and constant pursuit of excellence as a way of working. For all these reasons, Sevilla FC makes available to society the knowledge generated by its professionals during its more than one hundred years of history.

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The Sevilla FC welcomed students from the University of San Francisco de Quito to its Business Academy program

The Sevilla FC Business Academy continues with its busy activity, and in recent days, it organized training sessions for various students and faculty from the University of San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador). Seven students and two professors from the Minor in Sports Management and Entertainment of the aforementioned university attended various talks led by employees from different departments of the club. These talks took place at the Jesús Navas stadium facilities, within the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios Sports City.

The first day consisted of three presentations and a tour of both the Sports City and the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium. Representatives from various areas of the Sevilla FC Foundation, as well as the Brand and Retail and Members departments, gave lectures to the students before their visit to the Nervión temple. On the second day, it was time to present the strategic lines in the international and digital realms, two of the most active areas of the organization.

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Successful Participation of Sevilla FC at the Sao Paulo Sport Summit

Sevilla FC has concluded a successful participation in the Sports Summit in Sao Paulo, the central event of a prolific visit to Brazilian lands. During this summit, the president, José María del Nido Carrasco, outlined the main lines of the club’s regeneration project. The president’s presentation was warmly received by representatives of the football and sports industry present at the event, as well as by various media outlets in South America.

“We are a rebellious club, facing and defeating much stronger teams. We are ambitiously excessive, with courage, and proud to feel Sevillista,” summarized the president in defining the club’s values. “We do what we did in the 21st century combined with data application, with a data department that has a lot of information to try to minimize errors when signing players,” he added.

In addition, Sevilla FC’s data chief, Elías Zamora, also outlined some of the pillars regarding the club’s commitment to technological innovation, participating in a panel where he delved into the use of data to improve process efficiency and identify business opportunities for the organization.

The delegation from Sevilla FC also took the opportunity to firsthand acquaint themselves and build cooperation with three of Sao Paulo’s most important clubs: Sao Paulo FC, Palmeiras, and Corinthians, as well as with the Paulista Football Federation.

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Friendly international match for Sevilla FC U17

Last Tuesday, the Jesús Navas stadium hosted a friendly match between Saudi Arabia’s Future Falcons and Sevilla FC’s National League youth team. The game ended in a scoreless draw and served as a test for Joaquín Hidalgo’s team to measure their strength against this Saudi squad, which is based in Salou and is part of a high-performance program of the Saudi Football Federation.

Future Falcons is one of the talent development programs of the Saudi Football Federation. Its aim is to provide enriching experiences for young players aged 18, and to refine their skills through meticulous training conducted by an international coaching staff. Additionally, the players participate in friendly matches and international tournaments against prestigious European clubs in order to foster a generation of players who can represent Saudi national teams in international competitions.

Furthermore, the Saudi team took advantage of their visit to Seville to get to know the club better, by taking a comprehensive tour of the Ciudad Deportiva facilities and also visiting the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium tour to learn firsthand about the club’s history.

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Sports Day between Ottawa South United and Sevilla FC Women’s Team

On Monday, the female alevín team starred in a friendly match against Ottawa South United from Canada. Additionally, the Canadian team enjoyed a training session on Tuesday morning alongside the Sevilla FC academy coaches to further enrich their visit to Sevilla FC in the sports aspect.

Founded in 2003, Ottawa South United boasts one of the best high-performance football development programs in Canada, conducting its recruitment and development activities in Ottawa, Quebec, Kingston, and throughout eastern Ontario.

Furthermore, Ottawa South United took advantage of their visit to Sevilla to get to know the club better, conducting a comprehensive tour of the Sports City facilities and also visiting the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium tour to learn firsthand about the club’s history.