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The Cantera coaches led a special session for eleven Korean players from Stopia FC

A group of 11 young people from South Korea attended the facilities of the Sports City last week to receive a high-level training session. They did so under the guidance of the Innovation Center of Sevilla FC, which organized the day so that various coaches from the club’s youth academy could teach the young footballers, all from the 2013 generation, the keys to training in one of the best youth academies in Spain.

The group, called ‘Team Stopia’, was also composed of three Korean coaches, who also took note of different aspects to apply in the sessions they usually lead. As usual, the expedition completed their visit to Sevilla FC by moving to the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán to take the Stadium Tour, the interactive tour of the blanquirrojo coliseum that arouses so much excitement among foreign visitors to the city, both for sporting reasons and purely for tourism.

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Spectacular start to the 2024 Sports Data Forum

The 2024 edition of the Sports Data Forum kicked off this Thursday at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium with an inaugural session that brought together over 500 attendees, including various students from the different master’s programs promoted by the Innovation Center of Sevilla FC, Sports Data Campus, and the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM). The opening session was held in person and featured the participation of Sevilla FC President, José María del Nido Carrasco, and Sevilla’s sporting director, Víctor Orta.

The club’s president, alongside José María Cruz Gallardo, the head of Football R&D at Sevilla FC, officially welcomed all present, highlighting that the Sevilla FC Innovation Center is a pioneer in Spanish football, having received the category and license as an authorized sports teaching center, and emphasizing the club’s commitment to technological development. Through the Innovation Center, Sevilla FC aims to share with third parties, who are not direct competitors, all the knowledge acquired over the years.

One of the avenues for this sharing is the educational offerings provided through the Innovation Center, as explained by Juan Esteban Gómez Llamas, the head of Digitalization and Continuous Improvement at Sevilla FC: “Through the Sports Data Campus, one of our educational partners, we offer two master’s programs: Big Data in Scouting and Innovation and Technology in Sports Entities.” Víctor Orta took the opportunity to deliver a masterclass and moderate a panel discussion on the use of data in football analysis.

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All set at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium for the Sports Data Forum 2024!

Sevilla FC, through its Innovation Center, and in collaboration with Sports Data Campus and the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), is once again organising the ‘Sports Data Forum’, an event that is becoming more and more established and focused on the use of data applied to sport. Its fourth edition kicks off this Thursday in person at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, kicking off a format that will continue with a series of telematic sessions until 24 June. On Wednesday afternoon, the students had a first contact with an initial session at the stadium itself.

On Thursday, the president of Sevilla FC, José María del Nido Carrasco, will officially welcome the almost 500 guests for this inaugural session. This will be followed by a speech by Víctor Orta, sporting director of Sevilla FC, who will also give a master class session as a welcome and will moderate a round table discussion on data at the service of sporting management.

Football and sport are in full evolution thanks to digital transformation, the use of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, aspects in which Sevilla FC is an international reference, hence its convening power for the inauguration of an SDF 2024 that will address issues such as professional analysis of the game or the latest trends in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applied to football.

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A group of Japanese doctors participated in a training session at the Sports City of the Club

The Sevilla FC Innovation Center continues to provide training to various groups seeking to expand their knowledge through the accumulated experience of the club’s different departments. Last week, a group of Japanese doctors visited the facilities of the Sports City to receive training.

Dr. Castaño, Julia Gutiérrez, David Martos, Juan Polo and Javier González welcomed them to the medical services facilities and were able to firsthand experience some of the techniques and tools used by Sevilla FC for the treatment and recovery of players.

The knowledge accumulated by Sevilla FC over many years of investment in technological innovation has made it an international reference. It’s knowledge that the club aims to share with others, including non-direct competitor clubs, institutions, federations, and professionals from various sectors, through the Innovation Center. The group of Japanese doctors, who visited thanks to the company Global Fact, concluded their day by taking the Stadium Tour at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

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The Sevilla FC Innovation Center sponsors two entrepreneurship competitions at the UPO

The Sevilla FC Innovation Center will participate in two entrepreneurship competitions organized by the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO), through its Vice-Rectorate for Institutional Relations and Foundations. The first one is called ‘UPOemprende,’ which is already in its sixteenth edition and is part of the university’s Entrepreneurship Program. This competition is particularly aimed at individuals with a business idea or entrepreneurial project, as well as those who already have a company established based on knowledge acquired during their university studies or research results developed at the university as personnel. Among the prizes planned, there is one sponsored by the Sevilla FC Chair, which will award 900 euros to a company established within UPO. The necessary information can be found at this link.

Additionally, UPO also organizes the ‘III Hackathon UPOemprende,’ an event scheduled for April 25th, which also benefits from the collaboration of the Sevilla FC Foundation, in addition to the sponsorship of the SFC Chair: University, Business, and Sports. The chair will contribute a prize of 500 euros to be divided equally among the members of the winning team. The ‘III Hackathon UPOemprende’ aims to launch a challenge related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the university community, seeking solutions to it. The purpose is to raise awareness among the university community about the SDGs and promote and support creativity and the generation of solutions to the planet’s main problems through collaborative work.

This event is aimed at university students from any degree program, from any university or higher education institution in the province of Seville, enrolled in the academic year 2023/24. The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the III Hackathon UPOemprende has already begun and ends on April 23rd at 23:59.

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Sevilla FC has surpassed the milestone of 20 million followers on social media platforms

We continue to break records on social media. The club’s official accounts have just reached the figure of 20 million followers across all platforms.

The numbers consolidate Sevilla as the fourth most popular club in Spain after Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. Furthermore we are now the 24th most followed club in Europe, having doubled our total number of followers in the last year.

Our growth on digital platforms is the result of a firm commitment to use them as a means of communication with our most loyal fans, but also to expand our fan base to all corners of the world, with a clear and defined strategy for each of them.

In recent months, the accounts that have grown the most are TikTok and Instagram, while new platforms such as Threads, WhatsApp or Twitch have also been embraced. However, at no time do we forget our closest followers with our commitment to programmes such as La Bombonera and El Partido, and new formats such as El Cubo, Triple V or El Santuario.

Meanwhile, one of the key factors in the club’s growth on social media has been the commitment to the internationalisation of the club’s brand with this type of digital platform as one of its fundamental vehicles. The number of followers outside Spain has grown by 80 per cent. 

One of the keys to expansion beyond our borders has been the generation of local content that creates a greater affinity with fans in other parts of the world. We produces content in six different languages: Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese. In addition, content has been created with local agencies and influencers, as well as a wide range of content with live specials featuring players.

The visit to the United States and Mexico during pre-season in 2023 had a major impact locally and served to increase our north American fanbase thanks to various activations with our players and local fans.

Within the overall growth, some of the most notable markets are the Arabian market with an annual increase of 383 per cent. Also, the market that has grown the most is India, with an increase of 1126 per cent in a country where football is flourishing and where the club has a strategic agreement with local club FC Bengaluru United. The club also produced the ‘Never Surrender’ video series.

Likewise, in China in 2023, we were the fastest-growing European club with an increase of 83 per cent and with a well-defined strategy to reach local fans on the country’s specific social networks: Weibo, Douyin and Wechat.

Finally, in January 2024, the club launched its new Portuguese language accounts with the aim of strengthening the already existing link with Portuguese-speaking countries and, in particular, with Brazil, where the club already has a large community of supporters and high-profile ambassadors with various players from the country who became club legends.

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Countdown to the start of the Master’s in Applied Big Data for Football Scouting

The Master’s in Applied Big Data for Football Scouting is one of the flagship offerings of the entire educational range provided by the Sevilla FC Innovation Center. Co-organized with the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM) and the Sports Data Campus, this master’s program still has available slots for anyone interested in enrolling, being one of the most reputable programs in the field of football data analysis.

It is a course taught in Spanish and in an online format, allowing students to enhance their professional training in this field. It will commence in the third week of March with an inaugural session, and registration can be accessed through this link.

So far, more than 400 students have completed this master’s program, which equips the scouts of the future with digital tools to optimize their work processes. The master’s program has been designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge to play a prominent role in ‘Data-Driven’ sports management. The training aims to update and improve the professional profile of scouts, sports directors, coaches, and analysts, ensuring that they are prepared to tackle the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the digital era in the sports industry.

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Sevilla FC welcomes Fernando Valera, coach of Bengaluru United

The partnership between Sevilla FC and Bengaluru United continues to thrive following an agreement signed between the two clubs in 2021. Last week, the Indian club’s coach, Fernando Varela, visited the city to learn about the structure and philosophy at Sevilla Fútbol Club, in accordance with the agreement signed three years ago by both clubs. 

Varela, an Argentine coach with extensive experience in Indian football, held several meetings to learn about the club’s sporting approach, from the first team to the youth academy. Accompanied by the club’s head of Research and Development, José María Cruz Gallardo, and his team, the Bengaluru United coach received in-depth and specialist training during his visit. 

In addition, Varela was invited to attend various training sessions of the men’s and women’s first teams, where he was able to exchange thoughts with head coaches Quique Sánchez Flores and Cristian Toro, as well as with the captains, Jesús Navas and Sergio Ramos, and the director of women’s football, Amparo Gutiérrez. He also had the opportunity to learn about the work of the youth teams, enjoying a meeting with Jesús Galván, head coach of Sevilla Atlético. 

Varela was very satisfied with what he viewed as a fruitful exchange of knowledge during this visit: “Many things have influenced me as a coach. I pay a lot of attention to the personality of people, that’s what makes the difference when it comes to the evolution of a club. It’s not just a badge on a shirt, it’s the people behind the club who allow progress to take place. I’m very grateful to have been able to attend the first team training sessions and meet everyone. They’ve treated me very well. Conversations with Quique Sánchez Flores and players like Sergio Ramos and Marcos Acuña were fascinating.”

The Bengaluru United coach also took the opportunity to explain a little more about his club: “Five years ago we embarked on our mission to try to reach the Super League. We are at the top of the table and we are firmly focused on that goal. For us, this partnership shows a commitment to transmit what Sevilla Fútbol Club means worldwide.”

For his part, Varela also highlighted the reputation of Sevilla FC in India, a key strategic market in the club’s process of international expansion.

“It’s been a couple of seasons since the creation of this relationship between Bengaluru and Sevilla. For us it demonstrates what Sevilla means worldwide. It helps us have a stronger identity and a reference-point for Indian football. The reputation of Sevilla FC extends beyond this partnership with Bengaluru, it is known all over the world. Having relationships with international clubs is very important. English teams like Tottenham Hotspur have also come to India and it is positive that clubs like Sevilla want to be part of what we’re doing here.”

In fact, Varela emphasised that football in India is experiencing exponential growth: “There is an evolution going on. There is a long-term objective and the vision is to try to qualify for the 2047 World Cup. They are promoting football through the national team but have a long way to go to reach the level of cricket as, along with Australia, they are the strongest country in the world in that sport. New rules are being brought in to increase the number of teams in the Super League and develop Indian football.”

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The III Blasco Garzón Awards were presented at Pablo de Olavide University

This Thursday, the award ceremony for the Blasco Garzón Awards, now in their third edition, was held in the press room of Pablo de Olavide University (UPO). These awards are part of the ‘Sevilla FC Chair: University, Business, and Sports’ established by the club at UPO. Through its Innovation Center, Sevilla FC recognizes the excellence of the best Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis presented by students enrolled at UPO, both in official programs and in continuing education. With this initiative, the club aims to promote study, initiate research, and transfer knowledge in various fields, in line with the primary objectives of its Innovation Center.

In this third edition, the winners were Pablo Quintana Sarti (Best Master’s Thesis in Business Category), Carmen Serrano Cañadillas (Best Master’s Thesis in Sports Category), Ana Marín Vázquez (Best Bachelor’s Thesis in Business Category), and María Cabello Fernández (Best Bachelor’s Thesis in Sports Category). Additionally, the Chair’s Council awarded an honorable mention to student Ane Fradua Ruiz de Azua.

Apart from Pablo Blanco, the event was attended by Laura López de la Cruz, Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and Foundations, and Executive Vice-President of UPO Foundations, and Javier Gálvez González, Director of the Sevilla FC Chair. The Manuel Blasco Garzón Award pays tribute to the memory of the former president of Sevilla FC, under whose leadership the club achieved significant sporting success and notable social and institutional advancements. Not to forget, he was the one who welcomed a young man destined to write the best pages of the club’s history into his board: Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán. Furthermore, Blasco Garzón was a ubiquitous figure in Seville’s social and cultural life of the time, serving, among other roles, as president of the Ateneo de Sevilla and promoting projects aimed at raising the cultural level in neighborhoods and contributing to citizens’ education, thereby aiding the fight against illiteracy.

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Infografías galardonadas en la `Categoría Empresa` y `Accésit´ en la III Edición de los Premios Blasco Garzón

Unos galardones encuadrados dentro de la ‘Cátedra Sevilla FC: Universidad, Empresa y Deporte’ que el club creó en la UPO. El Sevilla FC, a través de su Innovation Center, reconoce mediante estos premios la excelencia de los mejores trabajos Fin de Grado y Fin de Máster que presentan los distintos alumnos matriculados en la UPO, tanto en títulos oficiales como en formación permanente. Con esta iniciativa, el club pretende fomentar el estudio, la iniciación a la investigación y la transferencia de conocimiento en distintos campos del saber, cumpliendo con los objetivos primordiales de su Innovation Center.

Como novedad en esta edición, los finalista han tenido que generar una infografía del trabajo presentado:

Infografía TFM – Categoría Empresa

Spike-Timing-Dependent LTD en la Sinapsis C4-C2/3 de Corteza Somatosensorial de ratón – Pablo Quintana Sarti

Infografía TFG– Categoría Empresa

Emprendimiento antes de los 30. Casos de éxito – Ana Marín Vázquez

Infografía TFG– Categoría Empresa

El Remo. El modo de supervivencia de nuestros ancestros convertida en deporte –Ane Fradua Ruiz de Azua

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Últimos días de inscripción para el Máster en Innovación y Tecnología en Entidades Deportivas

El Innovation Center del Sevilla FC, en coordinación con el Sports Data Campus y la Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM), ultima los detalles para la puesta de largo del último de los cursos que ha incorporado a su programa formativo, el Máster en Innovación y Tecnología en Entidades Deportivas. Un curso que pone a disposición no sólo de los profesionales del fútbol, sino de cualquier perfil del mundo de la tecnología o del deporte que quiera adentrarse en los procesos de transformación de entidades deportivas basados en la innovación y la tecnología.

El máster dará comienzo el próximo 19 de marzo, por lo que la inscripción sigue abierta en estos momentos. Se trata de un curso diferente a todos los ofertados hasta la fecha y que permitirá a los alumnos adquirir los conocimientos más vanguardistas sobre la materia, además de ofrecer un contenido práctico debido a la infraestructura propia del Sevilla FC. “En el club entendemos la tecnología como un habilitador que permite mejorar y optimizar nuestros procesos. La tecnología abraza a toda la entidad, desde la parcela deportiva al resto de áreas. Se trata de una interacción entre la tecnología y los procesos de trabajo que nos ayuda a optimizar resultados”, explica Juan Esteban Gómez, responsable de Digitalización y Mejora Continua del Sevilla FC y que forma parte de la dirección académica de este máster. Toda persona interesada puede obtener más información en este enlace y proceder a su matriculación en este otro.

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Last few days to register for the Master’s in Innovation and Technology in Sports Entities

The Sevilla FC Innovation Center, in coordination with the Sports Data Campus and the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), is finalizing the details for the launch of the latest course incorporated into its training program, the Master’s in Innovation and Technology in Sports Entities. This course is open not only to football professionals but to any individual with a background in technology or sports who wishes to delve into the transformation processes of sports entities based on innovation and technology.

The master’s program will commence on March 19th, so registration is still open at this time. This course stands out from all the offerings to date and will allow students to acquire the most cutting-edge knowledge on the subject, as well as providing practical content due to the infrastructure provided by Sevilla FC. “At the club, we see technology as an enabler that allows us to improve and optimize our processes. Technology encompasses the entire entity, from the sporting field to other areas. It’s an interaction between technology and work processes that helps us optimize results,” explains Juan Esteban Gómez, Digitalization and Continuous Improvement Manager at Sevilla FC and part of the academic direction of this master’s program.

Anyone interested can obtain more information at this link and proceed with their enrollment at this other.