Diploma of Expertise in Tactical Analysis and Research in Invasion Sports

Pablo de Olavide University is organizing the third edition of this course, which is part of the activities developed by the Sevilla FC Chair: University, Company, and Sport program, maintained by the club at UPO

The title of Tactical Analysis and Research in Invasion Sports has now reached its third edition at Pablo de Olavide University, one of the strategic training partners of the Sevilla FC Innovation Center, which participates as a collaborating entity and educator. This course, starting on May 29 and ending on June 21, is presented as innovative training that delves into a key figure for the success of team sports, that of the analyst. The student will be able to acquire analytical skills and the ability to create and interpret useful scientific data, as well as a strategy for understanding the functional logic of invasion sports in order to improve performance.

This course is part of the Sevilla FC Chair: university, company, and sport, which the club maintains at UPO. Through this training, the student will also learn to design research within observational methodology by applying the statistical techniques of this approach. For further information and to proceed with pre-registration, click on this link.

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