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Record number of registrations for the 5th Master’s in Big Data.

The sports management is one of the fundamental pillars on which a football club is built, and its adaptation to handling large-scale data is essential today. For this, the work of scouts and analysts is crucial, as they are key personnel in decision-making, and their training is increasingly in demand. Sevilla FC, through its Innovation Center and in collaboration with the Catholic University of Murcia and the Sports Data Campus, co-organizes one of the most reputable training programs in this area: the Master’s in Big Data applied to scouting in football.

It has been three years since the start of this training, and its fifth edition will begin on October 24 with a record number of enrollments. The number of students has increased by a remarkable 35% compared to the fourth edition. This number could increase further, as the enrollment period is still open. Enrollment can be formalized through this link. Master’s in Big Data applied to Scouting in Football in collaboration with Sevilla FC – Sports Data Campus.

The training aims to equip the scouts of the future with the use of digital tools that optimize their work process. An essential matter at a time when there is much discussion about technology, AI, and their impact on workplaces. It represents a development of the professional profile of the scout, enabling them to remain relevant in the market. So far, more than 300 students have completed this prestigious master’s program, providing students with the necessary knowledge to form a ‘Data-Driven’ sports management.

Over the past four editions, students have had the opportunity to do internships in the Data and Analysis departments of Sevilla FC, access internships and job opportunities at other clubs, and develop incredibly interesting final master’s projects.

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The technological commitment of Sevilla FC, a successful example showcased by LaLiga.

Sevilla FC, represented by Elías Zamora, the Director of the Data Department, held a meeting with international media at LaLiga headquarters in Madrid. A session that took place last weekend in which the club showcased its commitment to technological development and innovation. The strategy pursued by the organization has been pivotal in the sporting successes achieved during the 21st century and has been diversifying it into other areas of the football business.

With the title Sevilla FC: A Benchmark in Innovation and Data Area Development, LaLiga highlighted Sevilla FC’s performance as a success example in these fields, where it has become an international reference in the world of football. Elías Zamora explained the complexity of the football business model and how the acquisition and interpretation of objective data-based information can aid economic growth: “We aim, through technology, innovation, and Big Data, to extract valuable information to create new products and services that can generate economic income from various sources”.

The club’s already developed technological projects were brought to light and sparked the interest of all the media representatives present, hailing from three different continents. These are the cases of ‘AiFootball’, ‘AiScouting’, ‘AiRadar’ -to detect early talent in other leagues through technical and tactical parameters adapted to the philosophy of Sevilla FC -, ‘AiTicketing’ -that allows predicting attendance at upcoming matches based on their previous behavior -, ‘AiFans’ and ‘AiSponsoring’. Furthermore, ‘Transfer Tracker’, a project developed in collaboration with LaLiga Tech following an initial prototype conducted at Sevilla FC called ‘AiTracking’ and has been a worldwide success.

In this technology conference, Miguel Ángel Leal, Director of the Office of Technology and Innovation at LaLiga, and José Luis Quintero, Head of Customer Success at LaLiga Tech, also participated. Both of them discussed the technology they use in their fight against piracy, the evolution of Mediacoach, which helps minimize the risk of injury in football, the OTT LALIGA+, and the technological aspect of LaLiga Impulso, aimed at accelerating the development of clubs to increase their profits.